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If you’re plagued by pesky pests, Terminitor is here to help. We’re a pest control company locally operated in San Antonio and are dedicated to keeping homes pest-free.

We have years of experience in the industry and use only the latest and most advanced techniques to get the job done right. We offer safe and effective pest control solutions that will eliminate your pest problems for good.

Pesky varmints are having the time of their lives! They’re living in your home rent-free and have no plans to leave.

The raccoons are the loud ones. They have no courtesy and wander around the house at all hours of the night, making noise and leaving droppings everywhere. The rats are just as bad if not worse with their nasty diseases!

But, The opossums are the worst of the bunch! They are constantly ripping through the ductwork, looking for ways to get your cool, fresh air!

Enough is enough! Call Terminitor to evict these pests once and for all!

Terminitor was born out of a need for a safe and effective pest control solution. Elmer and his team, who have over 15 years of experience working in attics and crawl spaces, saw firsthand how pests could wreak havoc on your home.

Terminitor is dedicated to providing 5-Star service to its customers. With our pet and family-friendly solutions, we eliminate your pest problems one spray at a time.

We use the latest methods to get rid of pests and keep your home protected. We believe that our customers should always come first and will do everything we can to ensure they are happy with our services.

Like with all our services, at Terminitor our customers are our family, and we do what’s right for them because it’s the right thing to do.

Thank you for choosing Terminitor!

''Proud to do it!''

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